Passive & Real-time Tracking

With the current improvements in technology and subsequent lowering in manufacturing costs, GPS vehicle tracking systems have now become much more affordable to all. The other consequence of the fast pace of technology is that the choice of systems is increasing all the time. Now, this can be a mixed blessing as you will discover whether you decide to change the system you already have, or if you are about to invest in a new system, it may all be a little confusing.

Passive Time GPS Car Tracking Systems

Passive time GPS car tracking systems are self contained and compact units that are portable and can be placed somewhere on the vehicle. The system will record all of those particular vehicles movements, their locations, when they went there, how long the journey took, which route they took, how fast they were going and if they made any stops.

To access and view any or all of the information on this system, you have to remove the unit from the vehicle and connect it to the USB of your PC in order to download the recorded information. This brings up another important point, when or if you decide that this is the type of system that would be beneficial to you, think about the installation and about the un-installation process and possible costs. When you want to access the system, will you have put it in an easy area to take it back out of, or will it have to be installed somewhere that is difficult to get to? This is a consideration when both buying and thinking about installation.

Once over that hurdle, the other thing to remember is that the units can only store a certain amount of information, not because of the battery but because of the memory storage capacity.  Once removed, you connect the unit by USB to your computer, then you can access and view all the information about every journey that vehicle has taken. These systems are easy to set up and are fine if you need historical data to help make your business more efficient, but are impossible to control it remotely or change the settings.

Real Time GPS Car Tracking Systems

A real time GPS car tracking system enables you to find a vehicle by logging on to a website or specialist software.Once the GPS tracker is activated by the company that sold the system, you'll be able to see it online.  You just ensure that the vehicle is fitted with the tracker device, then when you feel the need to see where one of your vehicles is, you login to your account on their website (you will usually pay a monthly subscription for this service), then you will be able to find your vehicle, to within a few meters in accuracy, how fast it is going, and if it corresponds with any details you have been given. You will also be able to download historical data from the tracker; the amount will be dependent on the system you have bought. It can show you where you vehicle has been, when it stopped, if it has broken any violations such as speed or other traffic violations. Another important saving to consider is it might make your car insurance cheaper up to 20%. A GPS car tracker system is considered, quite rightly, as a deterrent to those who may wish to steal your vehicle.  Many insurance companies will, if you tell them about it, in fact consider a rebate if you’re insurance is not due soon. If not, shop around, many insurance companies will offer you reductions for your insurance as they see it as both a safety measure and an anti-theft device.

Real Time GPS Car Tracker Systems: The Benefits

There are a multitude of benefits to determine you to have a real time GPS car tracker system installed on your vehicles. The most important is that will enable to make your business more fuel efficient; it will allow you to minimize a lot of waste in both time and fuel. It should allow you to keep your customers or clients happier if you use vehicles in your business. Timekeeping will no longer be an issue. Another benefit is the insurance savings you will make and those will be straight away.  When you look at the GPS car tracking system like this, it becomes obvious that the savings alone will go a long way to paying for the system in no time at all. As these systems develop, there are even applications that enable you to use this system to a degree using a mobile phone.  You can always start small and upgrade as you find the need to expand the system in accordance with your needs.