GPS Systems for Everyone

When ygps4net gps systems for everyoneou are looking for a GPS car locator (tracking system) and you are the manager of a company with salesman who drive a fleet of cars and trucks for delivering your goods, you are targeting the safety and security of your vehicle or vehicles. The GPS car locator is an investment that will pay you back in a very short space of time.

How Does a GPS Car Locator Work?

You will receive a unit that is the part that is fixed to your car. First you will have a login address from a site. This will control the unit which you attach to the vehicle. These days the GPS car locators are so small that you can put some in the palm of your hand. Once activated, your vehicle can be found anywhere. Just remember before you put the unit on the car, you also have the choice to predefine several alarms such as the speed at which the controller will be advised  and also there can be a predefined distance the vehicle can be moved when not under the ignition.

If you have a fleet of cars, each one will need a unit which will be dedicated to each vehicle. Then with the software installed or your subscription paid website, once you call, you can find out the whereabouts of any of your vehicles, day or night. This means as a transport manager, delivery problems are almost a thing of the past. Get into your vehicle, as soon as you turn the ignition on, your system is working and transmits the coordinates and on-board information. When you get alerts, you can let your vehicles know about traffic jams or accidents and you can have an alternative route. You could ask the overall controller if they can find you an alternative route. You can, should it prove necessary even direct someone in a specific direction using your system by talking them in.

If you are in control of deliveries, you will be able to see where your vehicle is and if you can see that they are going to be a little late because of traffic or some other misfortune, call the intended receiver and tell them exactly where your driver is and that because of whatever, he will be with them in fifteen minutes, or however long you anticipate. It will impress the person waiting because that you have taken the time to call them first. If, on the other hand a client rings you because they are still waiting, you can have a look and find out why. Then if you know instantly, you can furnish them with the information, which should stop any panic. Should you get a vehicle broken down, you can have a look and find the nearest vehicle to them and if possible, they may be able to take over the delivery or if it is a five minute repair, you can once again ring the awaiting client and inform them of the current situation. You can easily see how it can save a lot of time and frustration and when you have worked so hard to get a contract to supply someone, this could save it!

GPS Car Locators: Theft and Carjacking

When it comes to safety today the technology in the GPS car locators have made things a lot more difficult for the vehicle thief. When installed the vehicle has a list of features that deter and more often than not just make a vehicle thief just not bother. For example, a safety shield goes around the vehicle once the ignition is turned off. Then if the vehicle is moved over a predefined yardage from this area, a signal is sent to the controller. Another feature is, whenever the ignition is turned, a signal goes to the user.  A signal also goes to the user if there is any interruption of the battery or a jamming device is in the proximity of the car. There is also the capacity to send a signal to the user if the vehicle is being used over a predefined speed or predefined calendar. There is also a system which enables the user, provided they can get to a PC or on their smart phone, to turn the engine off from somewhere else. If the signal you are getting is low, often there is provision for that too.