gps4net become a partner

GPS4NET is committed to remain an active electronics producer of AVL and GPS devices. Our mission is the research, development and constant improvement of the existent technologies and products.

In order to create a competitive environment between distributors and concurrents, GPS4NET is getting involved in partnerships with GSM operators from Europe, map producers, vehicle producers in such way that the level of know-how transmitted to distributor and the offered exploitation costs to be minimum for their clients.

Currently GPS4NET is distributing the products trough a distribution network formed by companies with dedicated business in AVL industry. GPS4NET is looking to enlarge the distribution network at international level, to accept new partners interested to build a profitable business around the promoted technologies.

GPS4NET is looking for new partners among the successful companies which activities reflects high development capacities and high professional standards. Our AVL products are classified as enterprise solutions and for this reason the sales success is directly related to the professional skills of the sales consultant, support and service team.

The benefits generated from the products sales, installations, on-line services and maintenance are high due to the market high demand for GPS solutions. For this reason our distributors benefits from the freedom of price setting and monthly service fee they earn.

In the business relation with GPS4NET, the distributor must guarantee a permanent sales activity in order make profitable the provided technical support and business advantages. The turn-over generated by the services provided to the end-user belongs in exclusivity to our distributor.