Highly featured GPS GPRS / 3G vehicle tracker

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G4N30GPS is a GPS-GSM tracker materializing the Platform3 concepts. It is designed to respond to a wide range of tracking and asset tracking application. Being equipped with the GPS AMY-6 engine from U-Blox and the GPRS & 3G modem 865 series from Telit, this tracking devices benefits from the highest quality components and ensures maximum reliability and a very long life-cycle. The new ISM900 communication interface is powering the advanced features for Active RFID applications.

The device is equipped with a 3D acceleration sensor that enables the features for driver behaviour control and eCall. Furthermore this device is supplied with Dual-SIM support for one embedded SIM and one external SIM-Card. The embedded SIM is granting access to Prepaid GPRS services at global level.

In order to respond to the current low-power demands, G4N30GPS is supporting an external backup battery and was designed for a heavy duty operation up to 5 years in stand-by mode.

Main features

GPS reception
U-Blox -  high sensitivity A-GPS receiver; Anti-jamming technology;
Compatible with EGNOS and GALILEO. Internal High-Gain Antenna.
GSM communication
Telit - SMS & GPRS class 10 ( 85,6 kbps ) & UMTS. Internal Antenna.
12 pins multipole connector with ESD protection
4 configurable pull-down I/O: Analog / Digital input, personnel authentication with iButton
1 RS 232 interface
1 optional headset audio GSM output or 1 optional CANbus (SAE J1939) output
1 Internal relay - Latching (Bi-stable) 2A current
1 pin for external battery Pb-Acid / LiFePO4
Automotive grade processor
RTC (Real Time Clock) syncronized by GPS
3 bi-colored LED status for GSM, GPS, RS232
868/915MHz ISM RF interface
3D acceleration sensor
G4N-RTOS - proprietary Real Time Operating System
Dual-SIM management with fail-over and traffic balance algorithms.
3-level watchdog
8 – 40 VDc input range; 0.5 mAh in deep sleep mode
Power management & wake-up events and triggers
Small size 80x40x15 mm
Temperature range -30~+85C
The device has configuration functions over SMS and supports firmware upgrade over GPRS.
Full remote administration over GSM, RS232, ISM900.
Standard packaging
*Devices are not delivered with a SIM card. This can be obtained from the customer's favorite GSM operator.
Embedded SIM delivered with Prepaid GPRS services.
CANbus interface compatible with SAE J1939
Advanced Active-RFID engine for tracking containers and assets.
XTEA data encryption over GSM, ISM and RS232.
Internal relay with associated controlled states for immobilization.
Advanced personnel authentication with iButton tags with two readers.
GARMIN message communication, waypoints & predefined routes.

*Due to the permanent development this list might change periodically.