System-in-package On-Board-Unit Platform

G4N01SOK is a cost effective automotive qualified Multi-component integrated circuits ( MCO ) that allows creating secure, tamper-resistant end-to-end solutions. It is a single system-in-package combining: GSM-GPRS, AGPS, Power Management, RTC, System Memory, In-Car Network functionality (CAN, LIN, JBus), a System MCU with embedded RTOS and a dedicated Application MCU from Texas Instruments for 3rd party coding.

With Stellaris MCU, customers can choose to keep all programming in C/C++, even interrupt service routines and startup code. It's even easier with StellarisWare software that includes source code and royalty-free libraries for application support.

GPS4NET put his customers in a leading position. The use of customized carrier boards reduces necessary engineering effort by separating the design work from the embedded technology. By using an embedded module in a product design translates in a faster time-to-market, faster engineering and faster reaction time to market changes.

Main features

GPS reception
U-Blox -  high sensitivity A-GPS receiver; Anti-jamming technology;
Compatible with EGNOS and GALILEO. External Antenna.
GSM communication
Telit - SMS & GPRS class 10 ( 85,6 kbps ).  External Antenna.
Direct programming of Telit modem in Python and control of I/O and UART.
80 Pin dual-row, 2 mm pitch.
4 pull-down output.
4 configurable I/O.
1 Bi-stable Relay control.
1 headset audio GSM output.
1 CAN-bus for direct intefacing with vehicles.
1 J-bus -J1708 (RS485).

Aditional full pin-out configuration of the Application MCU (ADC, PWM, UART, SPI).
Automotive grade System MCU
Dedicated RTC (Real Time Clock) syncronized by GPS
Embedded G4N-RTOS - proprietary Real Time Operating System
Dual-SIM management with fail-over and traffic balance algorithms.
Embedded SIM delivered with Prepaid GPRS services.
3-level watchdog
Direct access into a ARM Cortex M3 dedicated for 3rd party applications
+4.2 VDc power supply
Power management & wake-up events and triggers
Small size 45x36 mm
Temperature range -30~+85C
Full command stack for RTOS configuration, diagnostic and setup
Wireless diagnostic & setup over ISM & GPRS with maintenance software
Standard packaging

*Devices are not delivered with a SIM card. This can be obtained from the customer's favorite GSM operator.

Dual-SIM support for one embedded SIM and one external SIM-Card.
The embedded SIM is granting access to Prepaid GPRS services at global level.

 *Due to the permanent development this list might change periodically.